Frequent Ask Questions ❓

Q: How to buy?
A:  You can find "How to purchase" in the catalog.

Q: Can customize the volume?
A: We offer 2 sizes for each snack, more volume can get more discount

Q: Will the snack break during shipping?
A: We will refund the full amount if it happens 

Q: What packaging is used?
A: All snacks are using Zip-Lock packaging

Q: Free Shipping?
A: RM 85.00 ~ Free Shipping
Shipping fee - RM8.90

Q: Same day delivery service?
A: We only offer this service in ShopeeFood, please search "Candy House"

Q: When deliver?
A: We will post out the order on every Tuesday and Friday, estimated time arrival is 1~3 working days

Q: Payment methods?
A: We provide only 3 payment methods
    i) Direct bank transfer
   ii) TNG
  iii) FPX